Irons Area Tourist Association
ATV / Snowmobile Trail Info

    The Irons Area Tourist Association maintains and grooms 60 miles of trail on the Little Manistee and
    Lincoln Hills loops. Typically, (as dictated by the DNR) we start grooming around May 1st and wrap up
    around November 14th. Plan to visit our area soon and experience the great riding that Lake County
    has to offer!  For up to date ATV trail grooming updates, please like our facebook page!
We take this                                                                                       and make it look like this!

Snowmobile Trail #614  (Bear Swamp) update.....
At the moment, the US Forest Service has CLOSED the trail through Bear Swamp and have
not approved an alternate route. Click the link below for full details and to sign a petition to
keep the trail open until an alternate route can be developed.

    The Irons Area Tourist Association grooms 120 Miles of Snowmobile trails around the Irons area. These
    trails are groomed by a fleet of 3 John Deere Tractors by a group of dedicated and selfless volunteers.
    Many people don't know that 40 miles of groomed trail requires 8 to 10 hours of seat time by an unpaid
    volunteer. So please, if you see a groomer while you are riding, give them the "thumbs up" sign to show
    them that you are thankful for their efforts.
    We offer staging at Skinner Park.